World EduLead: Lane Clark

Clark stated that it is our goal to develop a 'vibrant and successful knowledge economy'; to see students truly engaged in their learning, enabled and empowered to both learn about established knowledge and as importantly to 'do knowledge work'.

She builds on this further by stating the need to teach our kids to learn, to have control over their learning. This requires us to be rigorous with content, experiences and planning.

Clark states that in education we know kids learn differently, and we know media supports their learning. Now it is time to boost the creativity, to enable kids to invent. Learning is a process of stages driven by purpose. Clark believes that we need to teach kids how to learn, learning that is mirrored by the way the real world works.

Learning in a real life context is what is required.

In summary I found Clark's presentation outdated. It has barely progressed in many years. Her points are valid, she just needs to start building structure around them that is relevant to today's world.

Ben Ward-Smith


Lytton Street School, Feilding

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