Dulwich Prep (School Visit)

Dulwich Prep has 900 students aged Nursery to Year 13. It is the largest boys' prep school in the United Kingdom and has been in operation since 1885. There is a large alumni group that support the school financially.

Dulwich Prep is surrounded by high performing state schools that are also large in size.

Dulwich offers a traditional mode of learning. In recent times the school has been attempting to bring in innovation with both teaching and learning programmes and also classroom design. This has been tricky as the school has had to balance pedagogical advances with parental expectations.

The school faces a major challenge. It has invested hugely in resources, both property and learning, but has had difficulty attracting staff with the capabilities to fully utilise these assets.

The fees for Dulwich Prep are 20,000 pounds per year. This seems to be the normal rate for private schools within the greater London area.

Dulwich Prep is experiencing a tricky time. Being a traditional private school in London the expectations are that kids will receive a traditional education that is similar to that which their parents experienced. The challenge is how Dulwich will move into the modern era, how it will cater for the modern child, how it will prepare its kids for the requirements of the future. These are exciting times, times which will place enormous importance on the education of its parent community in order to receive the support they need to enact positive and effective change.

Ben Ward-Smith


Lytton Street School, Feilding

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