Learning Support Coordinators

September 15, 2019

The government's Learning Support Model identified the need for Learning Support Coordinators to be installed within schools to support the learning needs of our students. The fundamental ethos of the model was to support those students with moderate to low needs.  


The addition of the Learning Support Coordinators to the Kāhui Ako model is a major asset and will make a huge difference across the region. There are however a number of challenges that the Kāhui faces in order to ensure this is a smooth and effective addition.


The urban schools have vastly different learning needs from those found in the rural setting. The challenge is ensuring Learning Support Coordinators operate in the best way possible to meet the need of our Kāhui Ako. This was reiterated during my meeting with Katrina Casey (Deputy Secretary for Education).


The Learning Support Coordinator (LSCs) roles have enabled the urban schools to bond well together. The roles were advertised and then a panel of urban schools, plus one rural, was created to interview the candidates.  The interviews were a collaborative opportunity for local principals to decide on the best people to serve our community.


This is Kāhui Ako in action.



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Ben Ward-Smith


Lytton Street School, Feilding

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