Ormiston Junior College (OJC)

March 14, 2019




Luke Sumich is the principal of a brand new junior high school in East Auckland. The school is a private-public Partnership (PPP) school. Morrison’s are the private entity that own the property. They conduct the maintenance and the Ministry of Education rents the building off them. 


The school is structured in whānau groups of all ages. These groups work in PODS with a Learning Designer,

Head of pedagogy. These are experts on education delivery.


Each child has a Mentor Advisor Coach (MAC). 15-16 kids form their group and they spend 4-5 hours per week together. This role is given the highest value in the school. Relationships are considered critical within the school. Every teacher is a MAC. The focus here is on academic, social and emotional progress. The relationship lasts for 3-4 years.  All bases are covered within this role (as per below).

  • Mentor - long term

  • Advisor - mid term

  • Coach - short term


Whanau Ora time is completed for 20-25 minutes per day. The school places a large emphasis on a healthy mind and body.


One of the interesting innovations is the OJC Badges. Each badge has a set of outcomes and kids have to work towards achieving those. Kids gather evidence to support the gaining of a badge. There is a panel to assess each criteria against the outcomes with the evidence.


This is an innovative approach to a relatively new concept of schooling within New Zealand. The business-public model is also a relationship that is worth considering. 

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