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Recently I have become interested in a group called the Design Council from the UK. The Design Council is recognised as a leading authority on the use of strategic design. This group uses design as a strategic tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive economic growth and innovation, and improve the quality of the built environment. Their approach is people-centred and enables the delivery of positive social, environmental and economic change. Design Council address all aspects of design including product, service, user experience and design in the built environment actively working to improve people's lives through the use of design.

In an article, dated September 2018, it begins by describing how 65% of children entering the education system will have jobs that we don't even know exist at th

is point. This is a well known fact but staggering none the same.

The Design Council asked - So how do we design a school curriculum that will deliver the leaders of tomorrow and equip our children with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the future?

With the future unknown it is essential our kids leave the education system with the skills and knowledge to succeed in 20 years time.This is an extremely difficult task but rapid change is often unpredictable and disruptive but exciting all the same. Innovative companies such as Google can be relied upon to provide some indicators into the future world. Such companies hold attributes such as creativity, problem solving, leadership, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Many staff are also being trained in ‘design thinking’.

The article also suggests the role of the teacher will change however, fundamentally hold true to the past. Relationships and emotional connections have and always will drive learning success. Technology will be woven into these environments but the teacher, and the connections created, will remain the key success indicators.

The article finishes with a useful quote...

For many who are starting out on their education journey this month the message should probably read ‘Welcome to a life of learning’. Because there is one thing I do know for certain – our learning will never end. We need to prepare our children and our workforce to adapt and continuously learn because whatever the world looks like in 2030 we need to be willing to acquire new skills and experiences throughout our lifetime. We must embrace it, to benefit from it and not be left behind.

Ben Ward-Smith


Lytton Street School, Feilding

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