Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession

Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession

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The Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession has been crafted by teachers, leaders and teaching experts to articulate the expectations and aspirations of our profession. The Code sets out the high standards for ethical behaviour that are expected of every teacher; the Standards describe the expectations of effective teaching practice. Together they set out what it is, and what it means, to be a teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Code and Standards apply to every certificated teacher, regardless of role or teaching environment. The Code also applies to those who have been granted a Limited Authority to Teach.

Professional Standards for Primary Principal

The professional standards were drawn from the Kiwi Leadership for Principals document and educational leadership best evidence. 



  • provide a baseline for assessing satisfactory performance within each area of practice

  • form part of a principal’s performance agreement, which will reflect the school or board goals, the principal’s job description, more specific objectives, and the New Zealand Education Council's criteria for registration as a teacher.


Identifying and developing appropriate indicators is part of developing a performance agreement. 


Part 4 of the Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement describes the responsibility of the employing board to develop the principal’s performance agreement.

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This is an introduction page. The actual evidence against allm criteria will be on subsequent pages. For privacy purposes these have been locked down by a password. 

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